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A memorable logo along with good branding increases the value of a company. Make a lasting and first impression with us. DesignBee we provide a wide range of logo design services including custom logo design, corporate logo design, e-business logo designs, banner logo designs, collateral designs etc. Get the best logo from our experienced logo designers who can help your represent the company perfectly. We combine the latest innovation and the technical aspects such as transparency, simplicity, credibility and visual impact in a great way to come up with a logo that generates bonding, trust and strengthens customer relationship.

We set ourselves apart from our competition through our best-in-class customer service and quality designs.


Design assignment

We believe in creating a logo that adds a sense of professionalism compared to substandard logos from competing companies so that the onlookers will react positively when they come across your logo. We first understand your needs and requirements with one goal, which is to create a logo that perfectly suits your needs.

We deliver everything you want to achieve

A logo is the foundation of your corporate identity, but it is not defined what type of logo will be most effective and impressionable, but designing a logo that conveys your mission, vision and communication with your audience all at once is what we deliver at Verve Branding. .


we believe in a common saying "No inquiry without action, no action without inquiry". In this step, we thoroughly research your business sector and competitors to come up with the best possible logo design. It helps to understand what everyone has already done and thinks to attract the customers to their business. After thorough research, we find out about the latest trends in the industry and how to make it the timeless piece to achieve results effectively and efficiently.


You should consider creativity when developing a logo to represent your company. And it's the level of creativity of our talented logo designers that sets us apart. Our ingenious logo designers find the most suitable graphic style and image to convey the exact message you want to convey to your target audience. As the best logo design company in the Netherlands, we provide a unique identity to your company and aspects such as aesthetic looks and the best user experience.

Sketching and coloring

Our inventive logo designers not only make sure you stand out, but can also help you stand out among your target audience. We provide custom design services that allow you to bring in your ideas and inspiration to come up with an eye-catching, professional and memorable logo to represent your business. When our designer is completely satisfied with the sketch, they only move on to fill in the colors and make it look more natural and authentic by trying and using different color combinations that make sense for the logo!


Customer satisfaction and customer approval is what we look for when designing every logo. We find a way to work closely with your ideas as we consider all feedback from you to come up with the best logo that represents your company. We make sure you get exactly what you want by delivering results that exceed your expectations.


  • 1 concept included
  • Transparent logo


  • 2 logo concepts
  • Unlimited revision
  • Transparent logo
  • Printable file
  • vector file
  • Source file
  • 3D mock-up


  • 4 logo concepts
  • Unlimited revision
  • Transparent logo
  • Printable file
  • vector file
  • Source file
  • 3D mock-up
  • Delivered within 5 days



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